Fraser Penman, ‘The World's Most Unique Hypnotist’, is an International Stage Hypnotist and Mentalist. Quoted by the press as "Scotland's answer to Derren Brown" and "taking the world by storm", having gone viral on social media; hypnotising and taking over the minds of some of the UK’s biggest pop stars and influencers.

This Scottish sensation returns for his brand-new headline show, “Inside The Mind”, a hilarious, comedy hypnosis show fused with mind-blowing mind reading, whilst telling Fraser's powerful, personal story and sharing an inspiring message.

Watch and be mesmerised as he reads and takes over the minds of the audience volunteers for one evening, creating magic through the power of hypnosis.
Featured on radio, press and podcasts, the hype is real. With sold out shows at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival and 5 Star reviews across theatres, this headline show is not to be missed!

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World's Most Unique Hypnotist

"Scotland's answer to Derren Brown" "Beat the bullies to become a stage success"


"Hypnotist, rising star, viral Tik Tok, Scottish sensation"


Edinburgh Fringe Debut

Debut Journey To The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

July 26, 20233 min read
  1. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world's largest arts festival, held annually in Edinburgh, Scotland. It takes place in August and showcases a diverse range of performances, including theatre, comedy, dance, music, and more. The festival is renowned for its open-access policy, allowing artists and performers from all backgrounds to participate.

  2. Performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival can be an exciting and rewarding experience for artists and performers. The Edinburgh Fringe is one of the largest arts festivals in the world, On debuting at my first festival I have put together some thoughts for new performers, and what you may like to consider.

  3. Plan Early: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place in August, but planning should start well in advance, sometimes a year or more before the festival. The application process typically opens several months before the festival begins, so be sure to keep an eye on the official website for announcements.

  4. Register Your Show: To perform at the Fringe, you need to register your show through the official Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. This typically involves submitting details about your performance, such as the show's title, description, running time, venue preferences, and technical requirements.

  5. Venue Selection: The festival offers a wide range of venues, from large theaters to small pop-up spaces. Consider your budget, the size of the venue you need, and the location you prefer. Popular venues tend to get booked quickly, so it's essential to research and apply early.

  6. Budget and Funding: Performing at the Fringe can be expensive, so create a budget that includes registration fees, venue hire, accommodation, marketing, travel, and production costs. Seek funding opportunities, sponsors, or crowdfunding to support your venture.

  7. Production and Rehearsals: Ensure your show is fully rehearsed and polished before the festival. You'll have limited time for setup and tech rehearsals at the venue, so being well-prepared is crucial.

  8. Promotion and Marketing: With thousands of shows at the Fringe, effective promotion is vital. Utilize social media, posters, flyers, and other marketing materials to reach potential audiences. The Edinburgh Fringe website also offers marketing tools and opportunities to increase visibility.

  9. Accommodation: Edinburgh gets incredibly busy during the festival, so finding accommodation can be challenging. Book early to secure a place to stay for you and your team.

  10. Logistics: Plan your travel arrangements well in advance, especially if you're coming from outside the UK. Consider the transportation of your props and equipment to the venue.

  11. Legal and Licensing: Ensure you have the necessary licenses and permissions for performing copyrighted material, as well as any other legal requirements.

  12. Networking: The Fringe is not just about your performances; it's also a great networking opportunity. Attend events, mingle with other performers, and build connections within the industry.

  13. Perseverance: The Fringe can be intense, and not every show receives instant success. Be prepared for ups and downs, and stay positive and focused throughout the festival

    As a hypnotist debuting for the first time, I'm excited and nervous at the same time and looking forward to the experience. You can watch my journey through my socials on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok...I'll see you there !

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Fraser Penman

Fraser Penman is a clinical hypnotherapist, mentalist and stage hypnotist. Frequently featured in the press, radio and on podcasts with over 1.9 million views on TikTok. Fraser's passion is both helping people overcome their fears and challenges as well as entertaining. For many years he has helped clients improve their life through the power of hypnosis as well as entertain audiences worldwide.

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