Fraser Penman, ‘The World's Most Unique Hypnotist’, is an International Stage Hypnotist and Mentalist. Quoted by the press as "Scotland's answer to Derren Brown" and "taking the world by storm", having gone viral on social media; hypnotising and taking over the minds of some of the UK’s biggest pop stars and influencers.

This Scottish sensation returns for his brand-new headline show, “Inside The Mind”, a hilarious, comedy hypnosis show fused with mind-blowing mind reading, whilst telling Fraser's powerful, personal story and sharing an inspiring message.

Watch and be mesmerised as he reads and takes over the minds of the audience volunteers for one evening, creating magic through the power of hypnosis.
Featured on radio, press and podcasts, the hype is real. With sold out shows at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival and 5 Star reviews across theatres, this headline show is not to be missed!

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World's Most Unique Hypnotist

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Stage Hypnosis Vs Hypnotherapy

Stage Hypnosis Vs Hypnotherapy

August 28, 20232 min read

Stage Hypnosis Vs Hypnotherapy

Stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy are two distinct applications of hypnosis with different purposes, goals and approaches. Here are the key differences between them:

Purpose and Goal:

Stage Hypnosis: The primary purpose of stage hypnosis is entertainment. Stage hypnotists perform in front of an audience and use hypnotic techniques to induce a trance in volunteers who then engage in entertaining acts or behaviors. The goal is to entertain the audience and showcase the power of suggestion and the hypnotic state.

Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is a therapeutic technique used by trained professionals to address various psychological, emotional, or behavioral issues in individuals. The goal of hypnotherapy is to use the hypnotic state to facilitate positive changes, such as overcoming fears, reducing stress, managing pain, improving habits and addressing other mental health or self-improvement concerns.


Stage Hypnosis: In stage hypnosis, the participants are typically volunteers from the audience who express interest in being hypnotized for entertainment purposes. They are usually selected based on their willingness to participate and their responsiveness to hypnotic suggestions.

Hypnotherapy: In hypnotherapy, the person being hypnotized (the client) seeks therapeutic assistance from a trained and licensed hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist guides the client into a hypnotic state and uses various therapeutic techniques to address specific issues or goals identified during the therapy session.

Consent and Control:

Stage Hypnosis: Participants in stage hypnosis shows willingly join the stage and consent to being hypnotized for entertainment purposes. They maintain a level of control during the performance and can choose to participate or withdraw if they feel uncomfortable.

Hypnotherapy: In hypnotherapy, the process is conducted in a therapeutic setting with the consent of the client. The hypnotherapist works collaboratively with the client and ensures a safe and supportive environment. The client retains control during the therapy session and can terminate the process at any time if they feel the need.

Setting and Training:

Stage Hypnosis: Stage hypnotists are entertainers who have expertise in hypnosis and showmanship. Their focus is on entertaining the audience and creating an engaging performance.

Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapists are trained professionals with specific knowledge of hypnosis and therapeutic techniques. They undergo formal training and certification to work with clients and address various psychological issues effectively.

In summary, stage hypnosis is a form of entertainment that uses hypnosis to entertain an audience, while hypnotherapy is a therapeutic application that uses hypnosis to help individuals address personal challenges, improve well-being and achieve specific therapeutic goals.

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Fraser Penman

Fraser Penman is a clinical hypnotherapist, mentalist and stage hypnotist. Frequently featured in the press, radio and on podcasts with over 1.9 million views on TikTok. Fraser's passion is both helping people overcome their fears and challenges as well as entertaining. For many years he has helped clients improve their life through the power of hypnosis as well as entertain audiences worldwide.

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