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A Night Of The Mind

Be in the audience or be the Star of The Performance !

Service Description

A Night of the Mind, is The Worlds Most Unique Hypnotist's brand new, headline comedy, hypnosis show fused with mind-blowing mentalism. Combining his unique look with a high energy show that leaves audiences roaring with laughter, he gives a performance you’ll never forget! Watch and be mesmerized as he reads and takes over the minds of the audience volunteers, for one evening, creating magic through the power of hypnosis. See your family, friends or partners have their moment of fame and become the stars of the show. Everyone will be talking about this show long after it ends. The Worlds Most Unique Hypnotist uses no actors or stooges in any of his shows. All participants are willing volunteers from the audience and each performance is delivered in a safe, controlled, non-explicit way.

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