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Mentalist Show

Be amazed at the power of the mind with this mystifying mentalism show

Service Description

Mentalism? Mind Reading? Yes, that’s right, mind reading… This show will keep even the most sceptical on their toes! One of the Worlds Most Unique Hypnotist’s smaller venue shows that packs a big punch, leaving the audience’s jaws dropping to the floor and asking themselves – “How did he do that” long after the show ends and for years to come. Whether you want to impress some high-fliers at a corporate event or have an after- dinner speaker with a difference, this show has it all. Inspiring, incredulous and entertaining, you will be amazed as the Worlds Most Unique Hypnotist applies his mentalism techniques, with never seen before twists and turns in the show, leaving the audience gasping and wanting more. Watch as he gets into the audiences minds, astonishing them with their own thoughts and predicting information only they will know - this truly is a night not to miss! No magic… No illusion… No actors… Only you and your thoughts…and guess what ? I already know what you’re thinking…

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