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The World's Most Unique Mentalist & Hypnotist

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Fraser Penman

The Worlds Most Unique Hypnotist 
is the newest and one of the most exciting  performing sensations from Scotland

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I didn’t actually believe in any form of hypnosis until I witnessed it with my own eyes. I always thought the people on stage were actors, and then, my son was hypnotised and I watched, dumbfounded as he danced  in an imaginary Irish dance competition and afterwards fell immediately asleep on Fraser’s command – unbelievable.  What a brilliant night of entertainment with the Worlds Most Unique Hypnotist. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough

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The Worlds Most Unique Hypnotist  is absolutely AMAZING ! So entertaining and all I could think of the whole time was "how does he do that?"!  Would highly recommend you see this guy - a show not to be missed!

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I went to see a night of the mind show which was absolutely fantastic!  Not only was there hypnosis, but mentalism which was fascinating.  What a great night for all the family.  I would definitely recommend the Worlds Most Unique Hypnotist to anyone looking for a great night's entertainment

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We went to see A Night of The Mind and it was amazing.  We weren't sure what to expect but we had a great night and found it fascinating!

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